Water Tube Boiler
Water Tube Boiler
  • It is a boiler that arranges a number of pipes (water pipes) with small diameters and heats them outside by allowing water to pass,
    and the water pipes are small in diameter so that it withstands high temperatures and pressures
    and increases the number of pipes to enlarge the heat transfer area, making it suitable to generate high-pressure steam
Product feature
  • 01
    High efficiency
    The lowest price,
    the highest quality
  • 02
    Rational structure
    High thermal,
    energy generation
  • 03
    Easy to manage
    Low machine failure and high durability
  • 04
    High dryness rate
    Excellent quality with
    high dryness
  • 05
    High-pressure steam suitable environment
    Many water pipes
    in small diameter
  • 06
    Fancy exterior
    Eye-friendly colors and designs
Structural and layout drawings
  • Water pipe type 2Pass
  • Water pipe type 3Pass
  • Water pipe type 2Pass
  • Water pipe type 3Pass
Pipe diagram