Low temperature pyrolysis
Waste Gasifying (Low temperature pyrolysis) System
  • Through waste gasifying process, injected into
    (Biomass, househole waste, industrial waste, designated waste,
    combustible gas, sewage sludge, livestock manure) and
    solidly decomposed in an enclosed space to convert them into combustible gas
  • By burning it in a cyclone combustor(burner), the gas is supplied to
    an energy recovery progress, that is a boiler, and generate steam by that heat,
    and the steam is converted into heat supply or electrical energy
Product feature
  • 01
    High energy recovery efficiency
    Efficiently recover energy of 80%
  • 02
    Low machine failure
    Fault-free designed machine
  • 03
    Constant pressure
    steam production
    superior performance
    as pyrolysis
  • 04
    Small amount of
    Optimal air combustion
  • 05
    Economical maintenance
    Designed without moving devices
  • 06
    Fully automated
    Control program automation
  • 07
    Low clinker occurrence
    Increased utilization of
    follow-up facilities
  • 08
    Biomass energy
    Generate electricity by the produced steam
Concept diagram