About Us
We are approaching to you with eco-friendly gas generation facility and large-capacity boilers through waste gasification and combustion technology.

We don’t realize how precious fresh water and air are since they are always by our side, but they are the fundamental elements of life that is indispensable.
Likewise, a pleasant enviromnet determines the standard of human happy like.

With the beginning of the perfect self-production of large-capacity boilers, Hwa Seong B&Tec. has constantly committed research and development by the consideration of energy and environment and studied pyrolysis generator by developing the world’s first low-temperature pyrolysis high-efficiency generation technology and succeeded in developing new eco-friendly electrical energy conversion technology through pyrolysis, rather than waste incineration.

Hwa Seong B&Tec. with new technologies which brings innovation to the global market not only Korea but also around the world, As a leader of eco-friendly energy technology, we will continue to devote for researching advanced technologies by presenting our growth and accompanying with you. Kind regards,
All executives and employees of Hwa Seong B&Tec Co.,Ltd.